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about max enix


Hello I Am Max Enix Composer (music), Songwriter, Singer, Art Director, Lyricist, Manager, Actor etc... I have worked in different fields in the past (Real Estate/property more than 10 years with my business partner, Commercial, Alternative Medicine = Spiritual work, Investor, restauration, some private areas Etc...) !

And now at 38years old I Am Head of A & R (Chief A&Rs) at Wormholedeath records too (Metal/Rock and Sub-Genres) ! We sign very good artists/Bands around the world ! We have offices in Los Angeles (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Firenze (Italy) and worldwide distribution/promotion ! The Japanese manager is Kishimoto Masa and the US one is Gabriel Zane ! We have some contributors too who work for us at different levels... Carla Predan, Luciana Catananti , Agrita Damarowska Etc... Others people will work for us in a near future and I will train some of them (if you are interested to work with us and serious send me a message and we will see what's possible too = Good opportunities) !

My mail address for music submissions: max@wormholedeath.com or Head_of_A&R@wormholedeath.com ! Website: http://www.wormholedeath.com/

WormHoleDeath Records is one of the best label in the rock/Metal genre since 2009 and it grows every days ! The label is distributed worldwide by AURAL MUSIC GROUP, its publishing division is administered by WARNER / CHAPPELL MUSIC HOLLAND BV (Warner Music Group) through a worldwide deal, and digital distribution / marketing is managed by the american corporation THE ORCHARD INC (Sony Music Ent.) ! Youtube Channel : Wormholedeath (20000 subscribers) and Radial by the orchard (Sony) with 2,58 millions subscribers !

We have an other branch (music company) called Epictronic too if you prefer: http://www.epictronic.com/ (more Electronic Rock, Indie rock and New Wave/Dark Wave oriented) ! I Am A&R on this one (Roberto Risso Head of A&R here) and sign artists on it too ! Possibilities for book publishing too (Carlo Bellotti publishing) and many others...

I'll be taking on some very important and crucial roles for WormHoleDeath, Epictronic, Carlo Bellotti Publishing, Warner (Business Plan) etc... over the next few years (as discussed with Carlo Bellotti = We have already sign together an agreement and plan for the Future), and it will be the same for the artistic projects I'll be working on in parallel! Big Announcements will come in time !

You can listen and buy the Epic and internationally acclaimed Max Enix: Far From Home double Album here (original and orchestral): https://maxenix1.bandcamp.com/ and the Constellia: Secret Garden Album on Bandcamp too !
Many others things will come soon (Albums, Projects, Big Live Shows/Tours/Fests with Fantastic lightings/sounds etc..., Collaborations, Cinema, Investments Etc...) !

I'm self taught like Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman and many artists ! My work methodology is close to Hans Zimmer (no music theory like him) and I compose all by ear = Absolute pitch/Ear (what I have in my mind, what I feel) and then after I work with collaborators ! Exemple: https://nofilmschool.com/2018/07/watch-hans-zimmer-scoring-gladiator-interstellar ! If you need me for one of your projects it will be a pleasure to help you/work with you and compose some songs for you or sing on them ! Send me a private message !

Can't wait to hear your compositions, read your messages and see your proposals on every fields ! I'm here if you want to talk ! The Future is Here

Max Enix

***I'll probably write a book or make a film about my life later on! There's so much to say about the society, some humans, the beauty of things too Etc... ! Restore the TRUTH in Everything ! And I will do humanitarian work (Hand imposition and others) in different countries to help those who are suffering (when no one care) !

My FUTURE is not only Rock/Metal (fuck communautarism and sectarianism) ! My FUTURE is Fusion of all genres (movie music...) and Arts ! I'll be revealing the artists who will be accompanying me (to play my music) as I go along (Everything will depend on the albums, just like the concerts) but I will always work with Thomas Kubler for the orchestrations and some arrangements (that's for sure) ! 

*Principal Facebook Page here with lots of informations: https://www.facebook.com/max.enix.73/

WELCOME my Friends ! Eyes to the FUTURE ! In LIGHT and DARKNESS... Stay TRUE to yourself in this dangerous and FAKE WORLD and stay UNITE ! They'll want to destroy your light by any means necessary (or pretend the invert = Judas/Snakes in disguise to better fool people and continue their Crimes sneakily and stab you in the back later), but your/our soul is stronger! The sorting souls (battle) has begun ! Some will side with the executioners and will invent fake stories ! Remember history = That suits them (for many reasons because they want to sideline you by diverse strategies) ! But intelligent people know the difference and will take an other path ! They wanna see you do good but never better than them ! Remember That ! If you have things they don't have they will hate you, slyly or not (or will corrupt others so that they'll hate you too) ! They've talked so much rubbish about you that they're forced to make you look bad and invert roles! "The technique of bad people is to make you look bad! " Never Forget ! But clever people are not fooled ! Work Hard ! Create your own rules ! Break the codes ! Follow your own path ! Deep in our Souls ! You're not other people's puppets/slaves ! Make your Difference ! True # Fake ! TRUE JUSTICE ! FIGHT TO DEATH FOR FREEDOM ! Time to Evolve ! The FUTURE is Here ! A new Society/Path is possible ! Victory is All I/We Know !

Thanks for the support...

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